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Microscope Xy Stage

Olympus XY Mechanical Microscope Stage w/ Specimen Holder - From Model BH2


Microscope Mechanical XY Axis Precision Fine-tuning Work Stage For 3-3/4"(95 mm)


XY Mobile Platform, Manual Translating Stage, Microscope Stage, Optical Table US


Americam Optical Microscope XY Stage Slide Clip Holder Cat # 1580 Nice  !


Märzhäuser Wetzlar Leitz Mechanical XY Stage Microscope Slide Clip Holder


Stereo Microscope XY Stage Universal Manual Working Stage for Stereo Microscope


Leitz XY Microscope Positioning Stage




Olympus XY Microscope Stage & Slide Specimen Clip Holder BH, BH2, BH-2, BHTU


Microscope Attachable Mechanical XY Stage


Leica Microscope LMT260 XY Motorized Scanning Stage




SEMPREX MICROSCOPE XY Stage With Sliding Table Nikon Optiphot Microscope Others


XY Gliding Table Measurement Manual Stage for Microscopes, with Back Light Windo


Leitz Mechanical XY-Stage DBGM Germany For Microscope Slide-Clip Holder


Scienscope Biological Laboratory Tilting Microscope Table XY Stage Platform New


XY Gliding Table Manual Stage for Microscopes, Solid Platform Dimensions 440x290


XY Gliding Manual Stage for Microscopes, Silver, Platform Dimensions 105x105mm


XY Mechanical Stage for Measurement Microscopes, with Back Light Window


XY Mechanical Rotating Stage, Precision Measurement for Microscopes


Nikon Mechanical XY Microscope Stage - Eclipse Microscopes E400 E600 E800 E1000


Nikon Mechanical Microscope XY Rectangular Stage MBC11102 part off AXIOLab scope


Graduated Microscope Mechanical Stage XY Translation Measurement Calipers


XY Fine-tuning Working Stage Rotatable Microscope w/Scale 1mm Precision SALE


Microscope Stage Attachment for XY Mechanical Stage BoliOptics MS02011951


Microscope Mechanical XY Axis Precision Fine-tuning Work Stage 95mm Glass Stage


XY Gliding Table Manual Stage for Microscopes, Solid Platform Dim. 380x230mm


AO, AMERICAN OPTICAL, SPENCER Microscope 10/20 Series XY Mechanical Stage


Nikon XY Microscope Stage for Eclipse E400 E600 E800 E1000; Great Condition




Prior Scientific Motorized XY Microscope Stage H107 Inverted H107CPC5 Olympus